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"The word ‘sin’ which, outside of the religious circle, has fallen out of favor in the modern world, is possibly related to a Saxon word that meant ‘to wander.’ Sin is an English translation of the Hebrew term ‘het’ which like both its Arabic and Greek counterparts — khati’ah in Arabic and hamartia in the New Testament — is originally an archery term that meant ‘to miss the mark.’ Sin was also used in archaic English as an archery term for a miss. The idea being that sin, in a metaphysical sense, originates in a sound attempt at achieving a good but ‘misses the mark’ by mistaking an apparent good for a real one. Repentance is, in essence, redressing the miss and re-aligning one’s spiritual sights for the next attempt."

Shaykh Ḥamza Yūsuf (via theconsciousmuslim)


Many theologians of all different faiths have stated this exact thought. Love it.

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"The violent
shivering has
nothing to do with
the temperature.

You have
been pierced
by the cold
for lifetimes."
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Taking a break from black & gold DIY with some purple

Taking a break from black & gold DIY with some purple

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Sincerity, Intention & their Power: In a Nutshell

The sincerity of an intention, saying for example ‘Bismillah’; ‘Bismillah’ in a nutshell being an intention, being a form of dhikr, being a means of humbling yourself before The Almighty, being a means of placing tawwakul in Allah azawajal, performing such actions for the sake of Allah or to help to encourage yourself towards Allah - it ticks boxes we cannot even comprehend. It is a form of an intention placed within worship, worship being spiritual cleansing and carrying out what is obligatory upon you and what is the reason for your entire existence as well as the pleasing of your Lord.

The ability to be able to have an intention and the ability to have sincerity are such blessings and wisdoms within themselves. They hold so much value over the actual action and are more favoured to Allah than the action because it is the state of the heart which Allah looks at, and of course, we are all looking to be favoured by Allah and strive for His mercy.

For example, eating. Eating saying ‘Bismillah’ with the correct intentions you are: remembering Allah, humbling yourself, reaping the blessings of the food, physically, mentally and spiritually - all being listed in the simplest form. Ponder over this deeply; physically being your body is strong and nourished and more able to act in the way of Allah, mentally strong to think in the way of Allah and spiritually awaken in the sense of having tawwakul, performing of dhikr and of course being a form of ibadah which all in all extinguishes sins and purifies the soul.
Eating without any intentions, sincerity or remembrance of God, you are just an animal filling a vessel which will just empty itself again and again until some value is added to the action.

Again, in a nutshell, we are able beings. We are ABLE to worship and please Allah just by the what is in our hearts and heads; if this isn’t mercy and if this isn’t kindness what is? Allah is truly The Greatest.

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"أنّ الزّمانَ الذي ما زالَ يُضْحِكُنا قدْ عادَ يُبكينا"

Ibn Zaydun, from his poem al-Nuniyya

That time that used
to make us laugh
has now returned
to make us grieve

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he said he didnt want me to wear a bindi. 

so, i bought 5.

Maaaaria maaaria


he said he didnt want me to wear a bindi.

so, i bought 5.

Maaaaria maaaria

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 ♡ Find all good posts here! ♡


 ♡ Find all good posts here! ♡

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